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Dr. C. Sean Bohun is a Professor at OntarioTech University in the Faculty of Science, having joined the university in 2006 after spending five years as an Assistant Professor of mathematics at Penn State University. Dr. Bohun received his PhD at the University of Victoria, where he also received his MSc in Theoretical Physics. He is one of Canada’s most influential and well respected Applied and Industrial mathematicians, contributing to his field for more then two decades. His work is characterized by innovative developments and unique solutions to a wide range of mathematical problems that straddle disparate disciplines and industries. In recognition of his achievements for raising Canada’s global profile in industrial mathematics, Professor Bohun was awarded the CAIMS Fields Industrial Mathematics Prize in 2015.

Dr. Bohun’s research is driven by industrial concerns, and occurs at the interface of where mathematics and science intersect. He works to break down barriers between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines, fields, and industries. Professor Bohun enjoys taking real-life problems from industry and collaborating with researchers domestically, and abroad, to pioneer and refine innovative solution techniques. Specializing in mathematical modelling, physics, and industrial mathematics, Sean’s work is highly cross-disciplinary and on the surface somewhat eclectic in nature. 

Involved with math modelling study groups since their inception in Canada, Dr. Bohun has been a long time mentor for the workshops in Canada, the United States, and in Europe. He has also been one of the key organizers of the Canadian industrial problem-solving workshops. His involvement with professional mathematics organizations has also allowed him the opportunity to aid in the growth and strengthening of the industrial mathematics community in Canada. Through his work to build and bolster the Applied Mathematics program at OntarioTech, Dr. Bohun brings real-life examples from his own research into the classroom. This allows the students to experience contemporary exciting problems, and the relevance and insight that mathematics provides to them. This is essential to illustrate how the skills developed in class will be applied in post graduate careers.

Dr. Bohun builds community within the mathematics world. His involvement in the inception and creation of the ICIAM Dianoia gave applied and industrial mathematicians a place to collaborate and communicate their upcoming work and developments. He is actively involved within his faculty with multidisciplinary initiatives.

Areas of Expertise (Key Words): Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Theoretical Physics

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