Graduate Links

Links for graduate level math students including material to supplement their current coursework, resources for \(\LaTeX\), and news from the community.

Online Courses

MIT Open Course Ware – Links to all of the undergraduate and graduate online course material in mathematics available at MIT

Online Lectures and Seminars

Mathtube – A repository of mathematical seminars and lecture materials.
Pulse Project – A collection of podcasts, university lectures and material on science education.

 \(\LaTeX\) Tools

The Biblatex Package – An advanced configurable bibliography package.
BibTex Style Examples – A listing of the various styles and how they appear after compilation.

Educational Blogs

Division by Zero – A blog about math, puzzles, teaching and academic technology.
Travels in a Mathematical World – A blog/podcast collection featuring mathematicians talkng about their work
A Sourcebook for Teaching Science – Many internet resources are collected here.

Why Study Math?

SIAM Careers in Math – A brochure produced by SIAM that details the variety of career opportunities open to individuals with training in mathematics.  The whole website is very useful.
GoResearch – is an online platform that allows research professors and current university/college students to connect. It is one of the only sites in the world which has such a purpose. Research professors can post any research position vacancies for free. Similarly, students can access these postings for free. These research position vacancies include opportunities like a paid or voluntary research assistant position for a current university student.

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