MBI BioSciences Problem-Solving Workshop

MBI BioScience Problem-Solving Workshop Date: July 16-20, 2012 Location: Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University PSW@MBI is a week-long workshop where participating mathematical modelers tackle questions proposed by life science researchers. Similar workshops have provided fresh perspectives and new ideas to proposed questions and established new interdisciplinary collaborations between theoreticians and life scientists. The workshop … Read moreMBI BioSciences Problem-Solving Workshop

Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop on Medical Imaging

Industrial Problem-Solving Workshop on Medical Imaging Date: August 20-24, 2012 Location: Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences This 5-day workshop will follow the very successful format of previous Fields-MITACS Industrial Problem-Solving Workshops. Some of the problems to be discussed will be ones generated during the Connector Events at the Inaugural Conference and at the Workshop on … Read moreIndustrial Problem-Solving Workshop on Medical Imaging