ICIAM has a newsletter

I’ve received the following email from ICIAM and wanted to bring this to the wider mathematics community.

Dear Colleagues,

The January 2013 issue — Volume 1, No 1 — of the ICIAM Newsletter is now available.

Please visit www.iciam.org/news to download a PDF copy of the Newsletter from the link that you will find there, and to subscribe if you would like notices of future issues.

Best regards,
Barbara Keyfitz

Contents, Volume 1, Number 1:

2 What ICIAM Does for Its Members — Barbara Lee Keyfitz
4 Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) — Christiane Rousseau
5 CIM International Conferences and Advanced Schools Planet Earth, Portugal 2013
5 News from the EMS — Franco Brezzi
7 ICIAM and ICSU — Roger Pfister & Barbara Keyfitz
8 About the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society — Arne Jensen
9 Mathematical Congress of the Americas, 2013 — Susan Friedlander & Marcelo Viana
10 Two Items from SEMA
11 Start-up of the “Desk for Mathematics in Industry” in Italy — Roberto Natalini
11 IMA Bulletin — Iain Duff
12 ICIAM in the News
13 Inside the SMAI — Maria J. Esteban
14 ICIAM 2015: Call for Proposals of Thematic and Industrial Minisymposia
14 Call for nominations for ICIAM Prizes for 2015

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